BNC to VGA Converter

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BNC to VGA Converter

BNC to VGA Converter(MODEL AV-216BNC) is a pair of profession should be used for television closed circuit monitor and control systematic video converters. AV-216BNC is a compact video, convenience carry, liable to integration, can direct install or machine tip in at machine, that be insert that be use, don’t need press key’s button, don’t need install any’s driver’s software, simple operation, use convenience.  

1. Product description
1. Video signal conversion: BNC(AV) to VGA
2. Supports Composite Video, BNC input
3. Output to VGA monitor or BNC monitor
4. Support PAL, NTSC 4.43 and SECAM video system, PAL/NTSC signal self-adaptive
5. Output resolution: 800*600@60HZ
6. 1* Composite Video Input
7. 1* VGA Output to VGA Monitor
8. 1* BNC Output to BNC Monitor
9. Video frequency input/ output impedance: 1.0vp- p 75 ohm
10. Power supply: This video frequency uses 5V/1A AC-DC adapter.
11. Size: 80*65*27mm
12. Weight: 250g  

2. Interface Specification  

BNC to VGA interface 

Name Description
BNC IN connect composite VIDEO / Camera / DVR
BNC OUT connect monitor/ Television
VGA OUT connect liquid crystal display / VGA monitor /LCD
DC 5V 5V/1A AC-DC adapter

3. Connection Image